ERP as a Service or as Capital Investment?

With no exception, every company would like to keep costs as low as possible, and ERP cost is no exception.

June 3, 2023

The Important Thing is That ERP is Now Available as a Service

Costs are unavoidable, but now it's possible to avoid the Capital Investment in ERP. You can get it as a service. For most small to medium companies it is more important that ERP is available as a service - if it is in the cloud or not is of second importance. At the time many prefer on premise installation - for different reasons, some rational, some not. Some of the rational reasons are:

  • The entry level cost for the cloud is still high
  • Customization is costly, or even not available
  • Networking is too slow
  • And more...

But still - it would be very nice to avoid the capital investment for the on-premise installation... To avoid short or long term debts, to invest in other assets and developments than ERP!

For All These Reasons We Made ERP as a Service Available on-Premise

So - basically - we'll invest in your ERP and you'll pay it as a service as you go. Now you can invest in you core business some extra money.

What are the key benefits of ERP as a Service on-premise?

  • No Capital Investment - You pay as you go
  • We take care for system management: Implementation, Upgrades, Optimization, Service & Support
  • Total solution: ERP, EDI, Bar Coding - and we can add more to this
  • You can use your own HW and system SW, or take ours as a service: Servers, Network, Workstations, Hand held devices, and Printers
  • Pro-active care for functioning and development of the system - as opposite of situations when customer manages the system by himself (and as a rule postpones the improvements to "better times" - and system eventually erodes)
  • It is installed on-premise - at the customer site
  • The cost of ERP is predictable and stable
  • Everyone is doing what knows best - its own core business

erp as service vs capital invest