Industrial Manufacturing

Though industrial manufacturers build a highly diverse range of products, most face similar challenges. For example, industrial manufacturers run a constant competitive race to develop and launch new products, but their need to shorten concept to market exerts extra pressure on global supply chains.

Industrial manufacturing

Industrial manufacturers also deal with fluctuating demand through contract manufacturers who help fill peaks. Contract manufacturing, however, comes with the challenges of controlling product costs, ensuring consistency with the supply chain and tracking production and inventory.

In terms of customer demand, “one-size-fits-all” has gone out of style. Manufacturers must respond with more configure-to-order, make-to-order and assemblet o-order production than in the past. The more customized manufacturing process makes it more difficult to streamline order processes, from order entry and manufacturing through to after-sales support.

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  • 66 Countries with QAD Industrial Customers
  • $1.6 Trillion Annual Revenue Generated by QAD Industrial Customers
  • Our Customer Base, From Big Companies With 5,000 Users to Small Companies With 5 Users Proves Our Solutions are Robust and Flexible

Shortening time to market

QAD Enterprise Applications helps industrial manufacturers turn innovations into market share with an integrated ERP solution that addresses all the processes needed to minimize time to market.

QAD Configurator reduces the burden on engineering by helping manufacturers to customize and personalize products for each customer order, secure that the resulting configured products will work, without requiring engineering to review each configuration. The cloud-deployed QAD Supplier Portal ensures that your supply chain can respond to your forecasts and real-time demand changes.

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QAD Enterprise Applications provides you with a variety of tools to ensure quality across the value chain. It includes supplier performance metrics enabling you to monitor defect rates and other test results. It also has processes for incoming material testing, recording in-process quality results, attaching test procedures and results to items or lots, and complete item tracking and tracing by lot or serial number.

With QAD you can integrate quality-related processes for your unique requirements. You control the definition of quality specifications, metrics, tolerances, sampling rules and patterns, and testing sequences. You can also track equipment defects, plan preventive maintenance and calibrations and develop replacement and spare parts processes.

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Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is growing in popularity because it enables industrial manufacturers to focus on core competencies, leverage global supply chains and meet uneven demand. Ensuring contract manufacturers act as your direct extensions, however, is essential in managing production and the supply chain.

Cloud solutions make sense in a shared manufacturing environment, and QAD Managed EDI and QAD Supplier Portal enable contract manufacturers to participate easily and directly in a manufacturer’s supply chain, with trading partners and with distributors. QAD Consignment Inventory supports VMI (vendor managed inventory) and simplifies receiving and payables processing.

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Delivering Customer Unique Products

QAD Customer Self Service’s integration with QAD Configurator allows customers to configure products over the Web without CSR or engineering assistance.

QAD Transportation Management System is a complete solution, supporting package shipments directly to customers regardless of the mode or destination. QAD TMS even creates international shipment documentation for you.

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Complying with safety and environmental standards is the norm in industrial manufacturing today, and many manufacturers pursue certification from ISO or other standards bodies. QAD makes it easy for manufacturers to comply with standards like ISO (International Standards Organization), ROHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substance) and WEEE (Waste in Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

QAD QMS (Quality Management System) enables companies to configure quality processes as part of standard production to make it easy to meet international quality standards. You can incorporate test specs and standards directly into routings or item information, and record the results of quality tests for each serial number or lot you produce. QAD Lean Manufacturing offers visual controls, and serialization enables palletizing any number of serialized or lot controlled items and transacting the entire pallet in a single transaction, even if the pallet includes multiple item numbers or lots.

Built for the Cloud and on Premise Use, Available as Subscription or Capital Investment

While cloud may be preferred among large multinational companies, on-premise may be better choice for smaller companies - mostly because it enables more flexibility at implementations. Both cloud and on premise are available for subscription; on premise is also available as capital investment.

ERP as a Service has two major advantages:

  • No need to make Capital Investment.
  • We take care for your Information Technology, and you take care for your Products - everybody doing what knows the best.

QAD Enterprise Applications: a Complete Suite Built for Industrial Manufacturing

QAD Cloud ERP and QAD Enterprise Applications on premise deployments enable industrial manufacturers to effectively:

  • Optimize processes across manufacturing, the supply chain and customer facing operations, with an emphasis on quality, cost and delivery while maintaining the desired level of operational performance.
  • Support global growth and expansion.
  • More rapidly meet ever-evolving compliance requirements.
  • Access and analyze processes and data, with visibility to further tune operations and make rapid, fact-based business decisions.
  • Deploy on QAD Cloud ERP or QAD Enterprise Applications on premise using proven implementation and migration services.
  • Operate sites simultaneously in QAD Cloud ERP and on premise with a single view of transactions and information across all business entities.
  • Configure products on the fly to match customer needs.
  • Manage outsourced contract manufacturing easily and cost effectively.


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